Since 1997 the MOSIM conference has been a regular exchange place fir researchers, academics and people frim industry in the area of modeling, optimization and simulation of (idustrial, transport, health, urban…) systems. MOSIM 2020 will be the 13thedition of this biennale conference. The main theme of this edition will be be “New advances and challenges for sustinable and smart industries”. New topics such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Big Data and Data Analytics will be addressed. The aim of MOSIM is to foster theroical and/or methodological results but also to encourage presentation of emergin and timely case studies.

Important Dates

15 June

New deadline for submission of full papers

31 July

Notification to Authors

15 September

Deadline for sending final full paper

12 - 14 November

Dates of the conference

Thematic domains
  • Systems modelling (continuous, discrete, hybrid)
  • Systems simulation
  • Systems optimisation / Operations Research
  • Systems engineering
  • Decision support / Multicriteria analysis
  • Fuzzy logic / Neural networks
  • Knowledge management
  • Artificial intelligence techniques
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Machine learning techniques / Deep learning
  • Big data analytics / Data mining
  • Operations management / Production management
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Performance management / Performance indicators
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance policies
  • Systems reliability / Operational safety
  • Cyber-physical systems / IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Ergonomics / Human-machine interaction / Human factors
  • Design / Innovation
  • Product life cycle management
Application domains
  • Industry 4.0
  • Production systems of goods and services
  • Transportation systems / Supply chains
  • Robotics
  • Healthcare systems
  • Urban systems
  • Maritime systems / Maritime logistics
  • Aeronautical and spatial systems
  • Sustainable development / Circular economy
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Energy / Environment
  • Food industry
  • Education / Research
Keynote Speakers

Mr. Bernard Grabot

National School of Engineers of Tarbes
Ait Kadi

Mr. Daoud Ait- Kadi

Laval University
steph HUBAC


Intructions to the Authors
Full manuscript must be submitted in English or French language. Authors are requested to provide a full paper of 6 pages maximum (with a maximum of 3300 words). Paper size is A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm). Please note that the paper until 10 pages can be accepted without any additional cost.

For advice on writing a structured abstract, as well as complete documents, please refer to the templates on:
To submit your articles, please click on the button below:

The submission website remains open until June 25 to submit the latest papers or to modify the submissions


A selection of the best articles written in an extended version will be proposed after a second review for a possible publication in well-known journals:

International Journal of Production Research
Computer in Industry journal
International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management